If you want to utilise the media to position with wider audiences or bolster your products, services or profile, Repute Communications can help you. Building proactive and reactive media strategies is our specialty. Our team has years of experience working in and around media circles at senior levels. We have built up extraordinary media contacts to ensure you are seen and heard in the best possible light.


Teaching individuals and organisations how to front and handle the media is one of our most in-demand services. We are constantly asked to groom spokespeople into confident media performers. We also specialise in improving the skills of seasoned media performers. Every Repute Communications media-training course is tailor-made to your circumstances, meaning you are subjected to realistic situations and scenarios relevant to you. Repute Communications only provides trainers who have earned their stripes working in senior journalistic positions and handling complex media management briefs.


Crises usually strike without warning, with destabilising if not devastating effects. Reputations can be broken in short time frames. The difference between sinking in adverse publicity and remaining afloat usually comes down to communicating quickly and professionally with stakeholders, particularly the media. Repute Communications provides premium reputation risk assessment and issues and crisis planning services. We devise effective crisis response guidelines and hypothetical simulation training so you know exactly what to do in times of trouble. We can also help you with swift 24-hour crisis counsel.


Communicating with government decision makers is a process fraught with challenges. Understanding the wheels of government and knowing who to approach, how and when is critical – as is having long-term relationships with the main players. Repute Communications can help you build and present the best possible case to Government.


Ensuring that you relate with targeted public audiences is a staple of our business. We identify who you need to appeal to and how best to do it. We ensure that audiences understand and appreciate where you are coming from. Accentuating the positives of your circumstances, we create strategies that influence opinions and shift perceptions in your favour.


For people who have something to say, but fall apart when presenting to an audience. Repute Communications knows the tricks of writing and delivering a winning presentation, be it a boardroom address, a corporate business pitch or a speech to a larger audience. What is your objective? Will your audience care? How do you draw on confidence and authority to win your audience over?